Health and life guidelines


Health and life guidelines

“Health” is a learning, the meaning of “health” is “health and life.”

鈥淗ealthy Learning鈥?began in the ancient Eastern Zhou Dynasty and has a history of more than 2,000 years.

Dutch scholar Gloriape once praised: “The sexual life of ancient Chinese people is generally healthy and normal.

“Health” is also known as “reinforcing the kidney”. Because Chinese medicine believes that the kidney is a fine organ, it is an organ that maintains normal sexual function. The kidney has an important part in life, and excessive sexual intercourse can damage the kidney.

Therefore, life is debauchery. “The gluttony suffers from spleen and spleen, and the greedy person hurts the kidney and hurts the blood.”

銆€銆€Young men and women are at the age of marriage, formally married, and moderately healthy to the body; indulgence of desire, uncontrollable desires, will inevitably hurt the body.


The age of marriage should not be too early to be mature before they can get married. Health experts are opposed to premature sexual life. They think that “a man who breaks the sun too early will hurt his spirit. If a woman breaks too early, it hurts her.”Blood.”
Sexual life begins after the body grows and develops to 鈥測in and yang enrichment鈥? which is even good for your own health and good for your children’s health.

Therefore, the argument that “a man is married to 30 and a woman is married to 20” is justified.

銆€銆€Men get married too early, although the reproductive system is mature, but the whole body is still naive, the yin is not yet full, and it is prone to fire.

Young people have poor self-control ability, and they are prone to excessive sexual intercourse and yin deficiency, which is detrimental to health.

If you wait until the age of 30, the self-control ability is enhanced, the problem of thinking is more comprehensive, and with the sense of responsibility after marriage, you will not be willing to indulge, and the yin and self-protection will lay the foundation for health and longevity.

銆€銆€Late marriage has great benefits for eugenics and is related to the healthy body and IQ of children.

For women who are married early, the later married women are ill and ill.

Therefore, late marriage is the key to “health”.


After drinking, it is not advisable to have too hot alcohol, which can stir up the fire and cause sexual desire.

Sexual life consumes a lot of physical strength and subtle substances.

Drinking wine, wine and color double consumption of blood, like a leaking pot of soup to suffer from fierce fire, will inevitably hurt the body.

銆€銆€Any one of the men and women has a spirit of excitement and sexual desire. It is often said that the other party has excessive sexual requirements, and even the action is rude, hurting the feelings of the other party.


Seven emotions are too unreasonable (note: hi, anger, sorrow, fear, fear, love, evil, desire, seven kinds of feelings) Gong Tingxian, a famous doctor of the Ming Dynasty, said: “The anger in the affair, exhausted, exhaustedBold; fear in the intercourse, yin and yang are false, sweating and sweating, and the accumulation becomes awkward.

“All of them indicate that the emotions are not smooth. When the seven emotions are too outdated, the blood and blood in the body are in reverse order or stagnant state. The qi is occluded, and the sexual reaction function cannot be developed in order. If this happens, the qi and blood will be aggravated., it hurts the essence.

At the same time, the other side has a strong resentment, resulting in the dual division of sexual physiology and sexual psychology, which easily leads to sexual libido, sexual dysfunction and other sexual dysfunction.


After satiety, it is not advisable to have a partial concentration of blood in the resuscitation after the suffocation, and the main high temperature of the brain is placed in the digestive aspect.

At the same time, when you are full, you will be in the house immediately. The whole body will be nervous and the brain will be distracted, which will inevitably affect digestion and affect the health of the tandem.

And the fasting room, a big injury.


Fatigue should not be caused by fatigue, including both physical and mental aspects.

Excessive fatigue and forced housework, the consumption of kidney damage, kidney injury, the marrow gas is dry, low back pain can not pitch.

Especially when we are married for a long time, we will visit the distant relatives and do not wait for physical strength to recover.

If you want to travel far from the house, you will be able to walk a hundred miles.

After walking a hundred miles, the house will die.

銆€銆€After 4 o’clock in the morning, the body is born with yang, it is not suitable for the house, it is detrimental to blood, once a hundred times.

銆€銆€Do not swing the fan and drink frozen drinks after the house, if it is too cold, hurt the body.

The harsh environment is not suitable for the sexual physiology of the person and the living environment.
For example, in Buddhist temples, tombs, kitchens, toilets, in thunderstorms, or in harsh environments such as extreme heat and cold, often depressed, emotionally uncomfortable, and easily lead to sexual dysfunction.


After the newly-married affair health young people get married, some people are self-sufficient and enthusiastic, and the house life is replaced. After a long time, it will consume kidney essence and damage health.

Especially during the wedding, due to the excessive fatigue of the happy event, after the house is not waiting for physical recovery and repeated sexual intercourse, the heart is excited, the heart is overloaded, prone to collapse.

According to Japanese statistics, a sudden death rate of 0.6% occurs in sexual life.

Indulgence of sexual desire will lead to internal secretion disorders, the body’s immune defense function is reduced, resistance is reduced, metabolism is abnormal, disease is increased, and life is shortened.


After middle-aged health care workers enter middle age, although the throughput is abundant, the essence of the kidneys is getting weaker, so men over the age of 40 should be more temperate.

Middle-aged people shoulder the burden of family and work performance. They must pay attention to balance between work and rest, avoid excessive fatigue, handle family, social affairs and interpersonal relationships, and keep themselves in a good mood, full of energy and smooth blood.

Avoid sexual intercourse when mood swings, emotional abnormalities, and physical fatigue.


The age of old-age care is increasing with age, and it has been overdraft metabolism at the time of the birth, the function of the organs is obviously deteriorated, the biological organs and sexual functions are gradually degraded, the kidney essence is declining, the kidney is weak, often accompanied by chronic diseases.Therefore, the intercourse should be based on physical conditions.

銆€銆€The elderly keep their hearts and minds in daily life, have a good mood, have a good mood, go to bed early, walk, plant flowers, raise birds, paint, play chess, live a diverse life, maintain a good mood, maintain the love between husband and wife, can delay aging.

Older people can transfer their sexual desires to other sports and fitness.

銆€銆€Older people often have symptoms of kidney deficiency, such as back pain, dizziness, forgetfulness, insomnia, fatigue and fatigue. You can ask Chinese medicine practitioners to take anti-aging and kidney-reinforcing Chinese medicine. Don’t use it blindly.

銆€銆€Women in the third phase of sexual health women during menstruation, pregnancy, maternal, should pay special attention to sexual health, or endless troubles.

銆€銆€During menstruation, sexual intercourse is susceptible to gynecological diseases, aggravating pelvic congestion, prolonged menstruation, increased menstrual blood volume, increased menstrual discomfort, affecting sexual function and libido, and leading to infertility.

銆€銆€Most of the qi and blood of pregnant women are used to support the fetus. The rest of the body is relatively short of qi and blood, and the evil spirits are easy to take advantage of.

A fetus that is easily injured in a pregnant room affects the normal development of the fetus.

銆€銆€The maternal reproductive organs and physical health have not returned to normal, coupled with breast-feeding infants, physical exertion, sleep reduction, maternal physique is weak, then the house is prone to sepsis, if not treated in time, can be life-threatening.

Therefore, women should try to avoid sex.

銆€銆€The changes in the spring, summer, autumn and winter health seasons affect both the plants of nature and the sexual intercourse of people.

The human body is also a small world, with the same changes in nature as the natural world, and is affected by changes in nature.

People should adjust their own affairs according to the changes of the four seasons, in order to adapt to the changing laws of spring, summer, autumn, and winter in nature.

銆€銆€In spring, everything recovers, nature is full of life, thriving, and all kinds of creatures are in the season of growth and reproduction.

In this season of flowers and flowers, the human reproductive function, endocrine function is relatively strong, sexual desire is relatively high, spring can only make life angry, proper sex life, help the human body blood and smooth, is healthy.

It must be noted that too much frequency is bound to be hurt.

In the spring, the antelopes are over-mating, which leads to the feet not being able to walk and become the food of tigers and lions.

銆€銆€In summer, the creatures are flourishing and the flowers bloom.

Due to the hot weather, the human blood is running faster, the metabolism is accelerated, and the body is in a state of high consumption.

People should accompany them, keep their moods happy, feel comfortable, avoid excessive excitement, and appropriate sexual intercourse should be reduced.

If excessive intercourse is done at this time, it will definitely increase energy consumption and damage yang, which is not conducive to good health.

In the tropics, there is no winter in the summer, and the average temperature is more than 30 degrees. The life expectancy of people is shorter than that of the temperate zone and the cold zone. It can be said that excessive summer affairs can damage health.

銆€銆€In the autumn, the sky is high, the autumn wind is urgent, and everything is chilling.

During this period, the housework was reduced to preserve the spirit and keep the spirit.

銆€銆€In winter, the weather is cold, the ice is frozen, the things are closed, the snakes are hibernating, and the sperm is recharged, waiting for the growth and development in the coming spring.

People are no exception. When the temperature in winter is lowered, people’s metabolism is also reduced. Correspondingly, proper control of sexual intercourse is needed to maintain the qi of kidney and yang, so that the essence can be kept inside and avoid the loss of blood.

銆€銆€Therefore, if you can adjust your sexual intercourse according to the season, it is helpful to prevent sexual dysfunction and ensure your health.