Blood and kidney Chinese medicine recommend 9 foods

Blood and kidney Chinese medicine recommend 9 foods

Nourishing blood and kidney first baby: Ejiao is used for blood deficiency and menstruation, instable bleeding and pregnancy bleeding.

Contains a variety of amino acids, free iron agent for the treatment of anemia, improves calcium balance in the body, and can be used for uremic renal anemia.

  Ejiao stewed red dates: 30 jujubes are cooked and 10 grams of Ejiao are added for simmering.

  Blood and kidney second baby: Angelica is irregular menstruation caused by blood deficiency and blood stasis, dysmenorrhea, postpartum abdominal pain.

The effect of Angelica sinensis on the uterus is bidirectionally regulated depending on the functional state of the uterus.

It is also used as renal anemia caused by chronic renal failure.

  Angelica Motherwort Egg: Angelica 30 grams, Motherwort 50 grams, add eggs and boil for 1 hour after boiling.

  Blood and kidney third baby: Longan stem is used for menopausal symptoms such as blood deficiency and insomnia caused by liver and kidney deficiency.

  Longan wolf egg: 30 grams of longan meat and 20 grams of wolfberry. After boiling, add peeled cooked eggs and cook for another half an hour.

  Blood and kidney fourth baby: black beans are used for kidney deficiency and menstrual scarcity, chronic kidney disease proteinuria.

  Stewed pork loin with black beans and walnuts: 50 grams of black beans, 30 grams of walnut kernels, 1 pork kidney, stewed for 2 hours, seasoned with low salt.

  Blood and kidney fifth baby: black sesame tonic liver and kidney, nourishing essence and blood, used for menstrual diseases and male diseases with less blood loss.

  Black sesame stewed chicken: 50 grams of black sesame, stuffed into the chicken’s chest, and simmer for 2 hours.

  Nourishing blood and kidney sixth baby: Polygonum multiflorum tonifying liver and kidney, replenishing essence and blood, used for menopausal yin deficiency and fire, dizziness, insomnia and insomnia, irritable temperament.

Can also be used as chronic renal failure.

  Shouwu Liver Slices: 50 grams of Polygonum multiflorum, thickly fry and juice, 100 grams of pork liver, slice and fry, add Shouwu juice.

  Blood and kidney seventh baby: sea cucumber nourish yin and moisturize, used for premenstrual tension syndrome and menopause syndrome.

  Sea cucumber rock candy: 100 grams of sea cucumber with water, boiled with water, add rock sugar.

  The eighth baby of tonifying the kidney: tortoise shells with yin deficiency, blood, heat, irritability, and menstruation.

Hypertension of chronic nephritis.

  Wolfberry turtle: 1 turtle, 30 grams of wolfberry, and simmer for 2 hours.

  Blood and kidney ninth baby: Biejia Ruanjian Sanjie is used for breast hyperplasia and uterine fibroids.

  Jia prunella soup: Peel one beetle, 50 g prunella, and cook for 1 hour.