Can do some exercise after lunch

Can do some exercise after lunch

Today, the pace of life is tense, and many people often use “no time” as an excuse to avoid exercise.

In fact, a lot of fragmented time in life can be used to do some relaxed fitness exercises.

Although it is only an hour after lunch, doing a soothing exercise after a short rest will not affect our digestion, persist, and also relax the body.

The following sports can be used as a reference for everyone to exercise after lunch: 1.

练习蹲桩:  [预备姿势]:站立时,两脚与肩同宽,两臂自然下垂,两手掌轻贴于腿两侧,眼平视前方。  [Action]: Take a step to the left with your left leg, and lift your arms into a hug, with your hands not over your shoulders, and your eyes looking straight ahead; your legs bent down and squat about 130 degrees, keep steady, and your upper body straight;Press at the same height as the navel and keep in a squatting position for 15 seconds.

When your lower extremities feel sore, numb, or bloated, slowly stand up and breathe naturally.

  [Effect]: It can exercise the lower limbs and lower back muscles to relieve muscle tension.

  The above exercise should follow the principle of gradual and appropriate, starting from a small amount of exercise, the heart rate after exercise is increased by 30% -50%.

Because the process of exercise is a process of gradual improvement and adaptation, it takes a certain amount of time to adapt to the increase in exercise volume.

Each exercise time is 20-60 minutes.

Work out gradually from 2-3 days to 5-7 days a week.


利用社区健身器材―――太极推手器:  [动作]:面对器械,双脚同肩宽,双膝略弯曲,成马步。Open your hands, place them on the edges on the same side of the two turntables, and turn the turntables.

During the exercise, when pushing to the right, the center of gravity below the waist should be shifted to the right and the right leg should be a lunge; when pushed to the left, the center of gravity should be shifted to the left and the left leg should be a lunge. Repeat.

Practice speed is medium speed, one exercise time is controlled in 3-5 minutes, do 2-4 times, according to your own situation.

  [Function]: It can strengthen the muscles of the upper limbs, relieve the tension in the arm muscles, and promote the digestion of food.

  For the above exercise, pay attention to the gentle, uniform movement, and do not use excessive force to avoid injury.


Walking barefoot: After the weather warms, you can often walk barefoot on the pebble road to exercise.

  [Function]: By increasing the contact opportunities of the plantar fascia, ligaments, acupuncture points, and nerve endings with uneven roads, the sensitive areas of the soles of the feet are continuously stimulated. These stimulation signals cause the heart organs and the corresponding cerebral cortex accordingly.Regulate the function of various parts of the body, and initially assist the treatment of certain diseases.


Walking, jogging: Generally speaking, walking at a walking speed of 25-30 m / min, walking at a speed of 70-90 m / min, which is equivalent to about 5 kilometers per hour, and jogging at 6-7 kilometers per hour.

The pace is generally better at a uniform speed, and a variable speed method is also adopted according to the terrain and ground structure.

During exercise, the heart rate should be controlled at 110-130 beats / min.

  [Function]: As an aerobic exercise, it can improve cardiopulmonary function and relax muscles.

  In addition, after meals, find an open place to play Tai Chi, do deep leg presses, or slowly press your back against the wall. The range of motion is small, but it can relax your muscles and relieve the effects of long-term sitting.Muscle soreness.