Drinking tea should be early, less, lighter


Drinking tea should be early, less, lighter

First of all, drink tea to be light.

The dissolved caffeine in the tea has the effect of stimulating the body’s excitement, which is more obvious in the elderly.

The heart of the elderly is not more than the current year. Drinking strong tea for a long time causes an extra burden on the heart, and even induces and aggravates a variety of heart diseases.

銆€銆€First, drink less tea.

After the excitatory effects of tea are transmitted to various tissues and organs of the human body, the muscles and blood vessels will be strained and contracted, resulting in a rapid increase in blood pressure.

Older people are prone to diseases such as hardening of the arteries and high blood pressure, so improper drinking of tea may lead to strokes and other critical illnesses.

銆€銆€Third, it is advisable to drink tea in the morning.

Drinking tea can also affect the sleep of the elderly.

The excitement of tea will last for a long time, and even if the elderly drink tea in the afternoon, it may cause insomnia at night.

銆€銆€In addition, the large amount of food protein that is absorbed by the acid when drinking tea forms an indigestible precipitate, affects the absorption of vitamins and trace elements, and easily causes malnutrition, which will aggravate the habitual constipation of the elderly.

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