[Encyclopedia of real eggs]_ making _ steps

[Encyclopedia of real eggs]_ making _ steps

I do n’t know if you have eaten real eggs. Real eggs are a specialty of the Northeast. Many barbecue stalls sell roasted real eggs. The nutritional value of real eggs is particularly high. They are divided into yellow and green eggs.The nutritional value of the two kinds of real eggs are comparable. In fact, the real eggs can only be used for roasting and cooking, and they can also be used for cooking.Barbecue snacks can be made at home, safe and delicious, and eaten with confidence.

Raw materials: 4 eggs, eggs, edible alkali, fresh water eggs.

The egg digs a small hole and pours the egg liquid.

Add edible alkali with a little hydration.

Pour into the egg mixture and stir well.

Filter it again.

Pour egg liquid into the eggshell. It is full of nine cents, and a hole is dug in the middle of the carrot as a base.

Rinse with cold water after it is out of the pan to avoid hot hands, and it is easy to remove the shells. You can then process it, roast, fry, and fry.

Tips Don’t put too much edible alkali, otherwise the real eggs will become bitter.

Take the big end of the egg and make a small opening.

Rinse the eggshells with empty water and use a chopstick to brush the eggshells with oil.

Add half a spoonful of alkali 4.

Add half a spoon of base 5.

Stir the salt and the eggs. After stirring, the egg liquid turns red. Use a strainer to filter out the small bubbles. If there is no strainer, use a spoon (in order to smooth the steam, there are no small bubbles) 6.

Filter the egg mixture into the egg shell 7.

Fix it with a bottle cap, put it in the pot and steam for 10 minutes, it must be a super small fire, otherwise it is easy to steam out, poke with chopsticks to see if it has solidified.

This is what the cooked real egg looks like. It doesn’t matter if it’s lighter or deeper. It tastes good.

Now I will tell you how to fry. Method 1 is to fry directly. Put on the seasoning you like. Forget to take pictures. Very simple method 2. Cut the real eggs into small pieces and put them in the pot a little bit.Add the cumin powder and garlic chili sauce. If you like spicy food, you can add some chili powder, put a little onion, and the parsley pieces can be cooked out. Add it tomorrow. You are finished today, you do n’t need to put salt in the seasoning.There is salt, and it’s salted when it’s done.