[How to make matcha tea from Hokkaido]_Make tea from Hokkaido

[How to make matcha tea from Hokkaido]_Make tea from Hokkaido

Have you become accustomed to a dependent life, and have you lost a lot of your abilities?

At least for most people, the ability to cook is now lost.

If you want to be Almighty, you certainly don’t want to be like this.

So, please ask me now to learn how to make matcha tea in Hokkaido.


Egg yolks add sugar to break 2.

Add oil and milk and mix well 3.

Sift into powder and mix well 5.

First take 1/3 protein and mix the yolk paste 6.

Then mix all 7 evenly.

Batter inlay bag 8.

Squeeze into a paper cup with 8 points and 9 points.

Preheat the oven, heat up and down, middle and lower layers, 170 degrees 20 minutes 10.

Red bean cream filling all mixed and passed 11.

Inlay flower bags can be 12.

Squeeze the red bean cream filling into the cooled Qifeng cup13.

Moisture-proof powdered powdered matcha tea on the sieve seems to be complicated, but if you actually make it, you will find it easy.

The key is that you must master the specific steps before you do it.