Busty women good to raise, too thin is really easy to produce?


Busty women “good to raise”, too thin is really easy to produce?

I am very thin, only one ten meters and eighty kilograms.

After the pregnancy, my mother-in-law has always let me eat more, saying that I am so thin, it is very difficult to give birth.

Is it really bad to lose weight?

Many elderly people have this view: full-fledged women “good to raise”, in fact, unless it is extremely morbid thin and fat, fat and thin is not a condition of whether or not to give birth.

Several conditions that affect the delivery: 1, the power of contractions This is a strong rhythmic force, the baby and placenta will be pushed out of the mother’s belly during childbirth, this power has nothing to do with fat and thin.

2, the situation of the birth canal baby from the mother’s womb is not as smooth as a slide, but through the pelvic and lower uterus, the cervix, the vagina and other soft birth canals.

If the pelvis is relatively large, the baby is relatively easy to pass, so “butt big” will be considered good, but if the front is big because it is too much, there is no such effect.

Of course, the body is too short, and the small pelvis or combination will increase the seriousness of delivery.

This size will be measured by the doctor.

3, the size of the baby, especially the size of the head is huge, or the baby with a big head is naturally fragile through the birth canal. The so-called “head basin is not called” means this.

In addition, during pregnancy, eating and drinking to form a fat boy, but increase the difficulty of production.