[Do you hold back to meet her?]

[Do you hold back to meet her?]


Li said that the habit of “sacrifice sperm” was formed years ago. At that time, in order to prolong the time of sex with his wife and pursue more pleasure, he often obstructed sensitive parts and prevented semen from being ejected.

At first he felt very exciting and had great potential.

Over time, he found that he couldn’t ejaculate even if he wanted to ejaculate, and he ejaculated occasionally, and he had very little semen.

Later, the couple gave birth to a child.

But without a confident replacement, Mr. Zhang’s wife had not been pregnant for three years.

The couple checked everywhere, the doctor could not detect sperm from his semen, and in turn, he had azoospermia.

Although I took a lot of spermatozoa treatments, they were not effective.

At the first consultation with Mr. Li, the test result was that there was no sperm in the semen l, so he further asked the medical history.

Mr. Li did not dare to conceal, and revealed his habit of “exquisite” over the years.

At that time, he suspected that Mr. Li was suffering from rare retrograde ejaculation, so he took his urine for examination, and he found sperm in the urine.

“This situation is typical of retrograde ejaculation, which means that semen is not released, but enters his bladder inward, and is excreted with urine.

“[If you want to shoot, shoot!

Enjoy the shot.

Don’t hurt yourself for the sake of face]So here we remind our friends to pay more attention to sexual health!

Give people a good word, let people live up to life, why not do it?