Put word health method

“Put” word health method

Put down the value – after retirement, psychologically self-adjustment, calmly face the reality, self “price drop”, An An is an ordinary people, no regrets.
銆€銆€Put your heart on your chest – keep your mind open and keep your mind on the mind. Don’t take your sesame trivia into your heart and ask for trouble.
銆€銆€Look at the world – think open, look far, focus on the overall situation, do not care about the personal glory and dissatisfaction.
銆€銆€Feel at ease – if you are in trouble, but you are doing your best, and you are doing your best, you will feel at ease and feel at ease.
銆€銆€Laughing loudly – optimistic humor, laughing in life, happy every day, everything smiles, nothing is light.
銆€銆€Let go of your feet – health begins with your feet.
I often go to nature to walk, adhere to proper exercise, and keep fit.
銆€銆€Letting go of courtship – let go of your hands and feet, and ask for fun, but it is not a bohemian, indulgent, but the body and mind to adjust to the realm of “safety”, this effort is “contentment and happiness.”
銆€銆€Let go of the world – benevolence, benevolence, more for the sake of others, be kind and good, and establish good interpersonal relationships.