[34 who can not drink mulberry wine]_ contraindications _ have some

[34 who can not drink mulberry wine]_ contraindications _ have some

Mulberry tastes rich and juicy, sweet and sour, and it is also very good for making wine. Mulberry is known to have rich nutritional ingredients, but it should be noted that mulberry has emergency and precautions. Not everyone can drink mulberry wine. First of all, manyPregnant women are weak after childbirth, this mulberry wine is easy to hurt the stomach, and mulberry is not suitable for some people with weak spleen and stomach.

What are the contraindications to drinking mulberry wine?

Most of the nutrients needed by the human body.

Mulberry wine contains eighteen kinds of amino acids and trace elements required by the human body, and contains all the nutrients in the wine.

Its health care effect is beyond doubt, so what are the contraindications to drinking mulberry wine? 1. Pregnant women have many weak bodies after giving birth. Eating mulberry can easily destroy the residual stomach and cause diarrhea, which is not conducive to postpartum physical recovery.

Furthermore, because mulberries are cold foods, postpartum women should eat more warm and nourishing foods, and try not to eat cold foods.

2, mulberry wine has the effect of UFA, so many people want to achieve the purpose of substitution by drinking fruit wine.

Diet therapy is indeed beneficial, but if you want to achieve better results, you can not only accept diet, you need comprehensive treatment in many aspects.

3. Don’t use iron when fried mulberries. Because mulberries secrete acidic substances and cause chemical effects with iron. 4. Mulberries contain hemolytic allergens and hyaluronic acid. It is easy to cause hemolysis after excessive consumptionEnteritis, mulberry wine should not drink too much; 5, spleen deficiency stools should not eat mulberry, let alone put mulberry wine.