It’s cold and it’s a “bath”!

锘緼 “safe bath list” for autumn and winter!

It’s cold and it’s a 鈥渂ath鈥?
A “safe bath list” for autumn and winter!

It is said that there is a difference between the north and the south called “bathing”: the southerners do not take a bath in the bath, the northerners do not take a bath without taking a bath. For the northerners, it is no longer a good thing to have a hot bath.After taking a shower and taking a back, I feel comfortable and clean.
It has been said that a hard wash during bathing can damage the fragile epidermis, and bacteria and fungi can take advantage of it.
Has this scared you who loves to take a shower?
Does bathing really cause skin cancer?
The body of the human body does not work out of the skin. The organs of the human body work all the time to help the body’s metabolism. The product that is metabolized on the body surface is dander.
At the same time, the human body discharges a lot of secretions every day, such as oil, sweat, etc., and the skin will be exposed to dust when it is exposed to the air.
The “mud” that is taken out during bathing is mainly composed of dander, oil, sweat and dust.
Currently, factors that are clinically proven to cause skin cancer include four categories: chemical carcinogens, such as those who are exposed to arsenic, tar, and asphalt, are prone to skin cancer.
Chronic irritation and inflammation, such as chewing tobacco or betel nut, squamous cell carcinoma in the mouth or lips.
Ionizing radiation, such as long-term radiation workers, patients receiving radiation therapy, has a high risk of skin cancer.
Some treatments, such as patients with immunosuppressive therapy, those with weak immune system, are prone to skin cancer.
The stratum corneum and lipid membrane on the surface of the skin together constitute a barrier layer of the skin, which not only protects the body from external damage, but also prevents the loss of nutrients, especially water, in the body.
Although it is true that the use of a bath towel will destroy this protective film, the statement that causes skin cancer is too exaggerated and has no scientific basis.
Experts suggest taking a bath, instead of “sipping and rubbing hard.”
You can use a soft sponge and a shower gel to scrub each time. Use only a bath towel on the elbows, knees, etc.
A hot “safe bath list” for a hot bath is a very pleasant thing.
However, if the washing time is too long and the water temperature is too high, it may not be a good thing. Bathing has the following six things that require special attention.
When you are full and fast, do not take a bath immediately after taking a bath, which will make the blood flow in the digestive tract less, hinder the digestion and absorption of food, and cause stomach upset.
Fasting can cause hypoglycemia, and insufficient blood supply to the brain can cause syncope.
In addition, it is not advisable to take a bath after drinking, otherwise it will cause blood pressure to drop, dizziness, weakness, and even cause heart disease or stroke.
Bath time should be about 1 hour after a meal.
The temperature of the bath water should not be too high. The high temperature of the water will cause the blood vessels of the whole body to expand obviously, causing a large amount of blood to flow to the whole body skin, resulting in ischemia and hypoxia.
In particular, elderly people with coronary heart disease, hypertension and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, water temperature is too high can lower blood pressure, heart rate, increase the burden of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, causing shock.
Generally speaking, the bath water temperature is preferably around 40 掳C.
Because the human body temperature is 40 掳 C, bathing with this water temperature can best eliminate fatigue.
In summer, the water temperature can be lowered appropriately, not less than 35 掳C.
Bath time should not be too long. Dr. Angari Mahto of the British Skin Foundation said that the hot water in the bath will be very irritating to the skin. The longer the bath time, the more the skin will be hurt. Experts recommend taking a bath.It is best not to exceed 20 minutes.
For patients with cardiovascular disease, bathing time is too long, it is easy to cause fatigue, and it is easy to cause heart ischemia and hypoxia.
In severe cases, it can cause coronary artery spasm, thrombosis, and even induce arrhythmia and sudden death.
The old man has a bench with a limited physical strength when he takes a bath. If he is standing for a long time, he may feel powerless and easily faint and slip.
Take a small bench in the bath, you can sit and wash when you are tired, save physical strength, and don’t worry about slipping.
When changing clothes, keep warm from a place with high temperature, and suddenly come to a place with low temperature. There is no warm clothing on the body, which will cause the blood vessels to contract cold and blood pressure, thus increasing the burden on the heart.
To do warm work, when you take a shower, put a towel or change clothes in the bathroom.
If necessary, use electric appliances such as electric heaters or Yuba.
The bath towel is changed once every two months. After using the bath towel every time, it should be placed in a dry and ventilated place. It is best to heat it in a microwave oven for 30~60 seconds, at least every two months.鏇存崲涓€ 娆℃悡婢″肪銆?