4 vegetarian diets allow you to enjoy slim health

4 vegetarian diets allow you to enjoy “slim” health

Dieting to lose weight, but afraid that you can’t hold on?
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Eat one of these recipes to meet the 1/4 of the cellulose you need in a day.
In addition to the tortillas and red peppers, you can also add green stalks to make your vegetarian food more delicious.
銆€銆€Egg Pies Many people like to eat pies, but there are many pies that are poisons for weight loss. For your weight, I will introduce you to an egg pie.
The production method is very simple. You should first bake a whole piece of bread and then put a layer of protein on it. Remember to remove the egg yolk, so that you can get the best of both worlds.
銆€銆€Pumpkin Spaghetti Choose whole-grain spaghetti, along with delicious pumpkins. This slimming vegetarian diet provides the vitamin A you need every day, so you can turn it into a food that helps you lose weight.
銆€銆€Vegetable Stew This food contains no more than 400 calories, but it gives you a lasting feeling of fullness.
Use a lot of vegetables, beans and a little peeled chicken breast, if you eat it when you are eating, you can also add spaghetti!