Bailian is not as good as one stop station pile can maintain health and cure, as long as the method is correct!

“Bailian is not as good as one stop” station pile can maintain health and cure, as long as the method is correct!

When the piles are piled up, although they have not been examined, but in the “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classics and Su Wen” article more than 2,000 years ago, there are “the ancients have real people, mentioning the heavens and the earth, grasping the yin and yang, breathing the spirit,Separately guarding the gods, if the muscles are one, it can hide the heavens and the earth.

As early as in ancient times, “station pile”, one of the health fitness techniques, has emerged.

Why do you cure the disease?

There is a saying that “seeking a doctor is not as good as asking for oneself.”

Because “the body has its own big medicine.”

Next, let’s take a look at the magical “self-healing ability of the human body.”

What is the body’s self-healing?

In ancient times, there was a statement that “there are three treasures, the sun and the moon, the earth has three treasures of water and fire, and the people have the three treasures of the spirit”. The self-healing of the human body depends on “fine, qi, and god.”

From the non-pharmacological treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, massage, guidance, Qigong, cupping, bloodletting, scraping, etc. All these methods are doing the same thing: using a method to dredge the body’s meridians, making the blood in peopleThe circulation in the body is smooth.

From the perspective of life, life can be divided into two parts: “shape” and “god”.

Fine, qi, blood, body fluid and other basic subtle substances of the human body constitute the “shape” of human beings, while the dominance of human life, consciousness, thinking activities and other life is called “God”.

Therefore, there are “invisible gods are not attached, no gods are indispensable to live”, “shaped as the house of God, God is the Lord of the form”, “shape and the gods, then the life of the world”.

The material of life originates from “fineness”, the energy of life depends on “qi”, and the vitality of life is expressed as “god”.

The “qi” on which life energy depends is mainly the vitality of the human body.

Vitality is the basic substance that maintains the physiological functions of human tissues and organs, and is a comprehensive reaction of the human vital state.

People who are full of vitality have a tendency to adapt to the cold and hot changes in the external climate. Even if they suffer from wind, cold, dampness and evil, they also have sufficient self-repairing ability.

Those who are underpowered, the body has a “combat power”, which is particularly sensitive to bad outside attacks, and it is difficult to drive out “bad elements.”

Coupled with a lot of bad emotions, bad habits on the body damage, over time, the accumulation will appear insomnia and dreams, wake up weak, often cold, faceless, dizzy headache, limbs fatigue and other symptoms, this is what many people ignorehealth status.

Although there is no “organic lesion” reaction at this time, subjectively there are many symptoms and psychological experiences of discomfort.

People always carefully maintain their car for regular maintenance, and neglect to maintain the “life car” for their body.

The result of long-term overdraft life is “half a hundred and decline.”

In fact, everyone can mobilize their potential to cure diseases.

Standing piles, it is through the “solid foundation” to mobilize the potential of the human body.

With a simple and simple stop, the internal microcirculation will produce a soft and flexible economy, a virtual reality, a dynamic and static, a tight and flexible, intricate use.

Give everyone an example to illustrate.

The heating pipes used for heating in the north in the north have been used for a long time, and the pipe turns are most likely to be blocked.

The most direct and effective way to do this is to inject water into the pipeline and smear it.

If the pressure is insufficient, the clogging will be difficult to open; if the pressure is added enough, the pipe siltation will naturally clear.

If the blood vessels of the human body are compared to the blood vessels of the human body, the joints of the human body, the serial, the foot, the elbow and other large joints are as easy to be affected by the wind, cold, wet, evil, etc., and become fouled.

The blood and blood are not running smoothly, and the human body will have swelling, swelling, pain, hemp, cold, acid, and seven kinds of feelings. This is why the saying “the pain is not good, the general is not painful”.

Standing piles are a kind of “impact force” that is transformed into an inward direction by training “energy” to “squeeze” the human body.

If the pressure is too much, the human body will have smooth blood and blood, and the self-healing potential will increase. All the symptoms will disappear naturally.

(micro-signal: gcdcqyjh) The simple truth tells us that standing pile is a kind of no-cost health regime that can cure both 鈥渋llness鈥?and 鈥渘o disease鈥? and it is the simplest of modern people’s sub-health status.Health regime.

A seemingly simple stop, the body is relatively static at a certain time, you can mobilize the whole body’s air machine, dredge the meridians, reconcile the blood, make the yin and yang intersect, accelerate metabolism, enhance cell function, and prolong the disease.

All of this requires a firm belief, endurance and unremitting persistence.

The length of the pile time is directly related to the nature of the station pile treatment. The length of the pile time is divided into two parts, first: the endurance of the pile time; second, the continuity of the pile.

These two are related to the strength of the disease in the organ lesions. The continuity of the pile determines whether it can be completely recovered. Therefore, the length of the pile and the ability to persist can be a complete whole.

Persistence and suspicion At the beginning of the pile, the durability of the pile is the biggest test. If you stand for an hour at the beginning, there is no basis for tolerance, which is very unrealistic, but for the first time you stand for an hour.I tell you that you have recovered 40%, and the remaining 60% is persistence, persistence, and persistence.Regardless of whether the initial pile is 10 minutes or an hour, the result is the same, that is, tolerance, continuity, this is the biggest test of the future.

What is continuity, for example, getting up at 5 o’clock tomorrow morning, everyone can do it, but if you get up at 5 o’clock every morning next week, about 40% will be eliminated; but, if every monthEvery morning, at 5 o’clock every morning, about 90% of people are eliminated; why is this, this is tolerance.

So, whether it is standing for 10 minutes or an hour, continuity and tolerance are the key. If you stand for an hour on the first day, but only for three days, you can’t stand it, then your diseases,It doesn’t work for the station pile; if you stand for 10 minutes on the first day, and the time is constantly increasing, you insist on one month, then stick to you, you defeat yourself, and at the same time overcome the disease, if this continues, the problem of expected time of rehabilitation.

The second test in the initial stage of the pile is doubt. It is divided into two aspects. First, for the health care workers, the initial response to the pile is very little or very light, or has not yet begun, but they have heard that the pile is long.Something that would hurt the bones, or the internal organs, the harmful parts of the tendons, and so on, gave up, it seems that the clouds are too terrible.

(Micro-signal: gcdcqyjh) I think that the station pile should be a scientific station, and the pile work has the practice of pile work. The pile work is very strict in this respect.

As long as you follow the requirements of each pile of work, it will definitely not affect the body, but will only promote the virtuous circle of the body.

Therefore, the saying that the pile is harmful to the body will only scare the weak.

Secondly, for the treatment of patients, the reaction of standing piles is very serious, and they are scared and scared, because as long as one station is piled, the body induction or disease is very powerful.There are situations, such as: body tremors, depression, difficulty breathing, blood in the stool, causing malignant skin diseases, worsening of the condition, life-threatening, or precarious.

Finally, I was scared. Actually, you don’t know. This is the natural reaction of the bloody recovery shock. This is a very natural thing. If you give up, it will give up treatment. The final result is to give up life because many diseases can onlyIt is called maintenance and cannot be cured at all.

(WeChat: gcdcqyjh) You have not found it, many diseases, serious illnesses, including general illnesses, as long as you enter the hospital, the high cost of treatment is not mentioned, it can only delay the disease, the ideal situation seems to be recovered, and there will beThe chance of recurrence, the expected time only, more time to cure the symptoms are not a cure; in the case of heavy stagnation, go to the hospital for pathological psychological comfort, therefore, the pile can not only reverse the various incurable diseases, completely recover the time problem, so, stationThe confidence of the pile is the core of healing.

Movement and static For some goals, movement and static are the key. Some estimates require the 鈥渕ovement鈥?of free piles, but some diseases require static, rather than certain diseases that require dynamic and static integration, so it is just right to master.

Because almost all of the piles are designed to integrate the body’s energy and catalyze the fusion of the internal gas in the body, making it exceptionally capable.

When the internal gas passes through the catalysis of blood and blood, after a certain period of convergence, it will penetrate from the shallow to the deep into the body.

The time required for infiltration is usually determined by the work itself, usually at least twenty minutes to forty minutes, which is why the pile is preferably not less than forty minutes in succession.

The static energy of the human body will condense the microscopic energy particles of the universe. This microscopic particle is energy and is a high-density microscopic energy. All people who have exercised through the pile have the experience that there is a kind of internal gas that is the meridian of the body surface.The fascia begins to follow, and the time of the pile through the site is extended. The internal gas continuously penetrates into the body, from the surface of the skin to the fascia in the muscles to the fascia between the flesh and bone, reaching the surface of the bone, and finally until the infiltrationTo the bones. This process is converging into the bones.

This internal gas is the so-called energy, energy is alive, but the current science can not study it, but now the Westerners have realized its existence, and perhaps the Chinese now think it is not realized.

But thousands of years ago our ancestors had used Taoist classics to explain this phenomenon in detail.

Therefore, the bones of the first-class standing piles are relatively hard. This kind of internal gas energy is the fascia of the human body. The fascia is very important in the human body. Besides the combination of muscles, it also hasProtects muscles, bones, and organs from damage.

The main reason is the sneaking of internal gas energy particles in the fascia.

(micro signal: gcdcqyjh) The longer the internal gas energy particles run inside the human body, the deeper the internal gas energy particles enter the body, the better the health of the human body. There are many positions.Description.
For example, athletes have continuous running, athletes have deep bone fatigue above the calf, so that the phenomenon of bone fracture, through the station pile (twice a day, each time more than 2 hours) not only “fatigue fracture” disappears,Even sports injuries are gone.

Fatigue bone disease causes athletes to be unable to train every month, and heavy ones may affect sports careers.

This problem is an intractable proposition in the world of long-distance running.

The best proof is that I use yoga basic skills 鈻?to meditate, to the alignment, the waist is damaged, the pain is very powerful, and even can not be repeated, can not exceed 10 minutes, otherwise it can only stand, but I found a stationAfter the pile, the blood pressure and the waist recover very quickly. It is really amazing. This kind of magic is especially worthy of study. The pile is also a special method for treating sports fatigue fracture. The patient can try it. It is amazing.

According to the information, it is confirmed that for the fracture of the calf fracture, the fracture of the bone (the fracture on the fracture bone), after the practice of the pile, it is miraculously cured (the hospital checks for cracks disappear), according to this principle, graduallyStation piles can treat “femoral head necrosis”.

Practice has proved that the station pile can completely treat the “femoral head necrosis”, and there are such cases on the Internet.

In practice, we have seen that patients who have been standing for more than an hour have a much greater effect than patients who have been standing for forty minutes.

This is also the case for patients with “varicose veins”.

The effect of the length of a pile at a time varies greatly.

Therefore, for the treatment of standing piles, no more than 2 hours a day is the best choice and the discipline of treatment.

Gas to blood, blood and blood are accompanied by some people now use the theory of “long standing and hurting bones” to point out the pile, and think that the pile is also the same, it will not exceed the area of “long-term standing injury bones”.

Those who use these theories to reduce the piles must not understand the piles, know exactly what the piles are, and have no experience of continuous piles.

Under normal circumstances, if the average person has a longer length, the time will cause the lower limbs to have poor blood and damage the bone.

However, the person who trains the pile does not have this problem. If the practitioners are correct in the application of the heart and the method, the infuriating body will follow the week in the body, and it is the qi of the Chinese medicine.The principle of qi and blood accompanied, blood is followed by the air. In practice, we often see that our blood vessels are bulging in practice, beyond normal conditions.

This is the convergence of blood vessel expansion caused by “blood with gas”.

This is also the first reason why the station can treat lower extremity diseases such as “femoral head necrosis” and “varicose veins”.

Finally, I sincerely hope that the majority of station pile enthusiasts will eliminate these influences and conscientiously follow the traditional station piles. The insistence is victory. Only by defeating oneself can we overcome the disease, seek inward avenues, and seek inwardness.The power of the pile will be able to recover before it can reverse the disease.