9 coups make it easier for women to climax


9 coups make it easier for women to climax

Every sexual desire has a corresponding method.

Every woman’s basic needs for sex are not the same, and each sexual desire has a corresponding method.

.銆€銆€The first trick: love your body, nine out of ten modern women feel that they are too fat.

When you meet naked, this kind of self-reduction will sometimes prevent the two from enjoying the fun they deserve.

Perhaps, for example, a person who thinks that the dark color is too small may feel inferior when his partner touches his chest, and then subconsciously avoids his hand or guides him to other places.

Over time, such signals are replaced with a partner, thus affecting sexual relationships.

銆€銆€One woman trained herself to think like this: Although she is not very young, the man is happy to go to bed with her, which proves that they don’t think there is anything wrong with her chest.

In this way, she no longer resisted the black hair of the male partner.

銆€銆€The second measure: learning masturbation Since the first ejaculation of men usually comes from masturbation, the proportion of women doing this is definitely not low.

In fact, masturbation is a very effective way to learn, because after you understand your body, you can guide each other in the most appropriate way when you have sex with your partner.

There is also a benefit to masturbation: it must reach its climax.

銆€銆€The third measure: It is just as important to please yourself and please the other. Sometimes, women are not satisfied with the fear of the other party, so try to match the needs of the other party.

But sex is actually the application and acceptance of both sides. If you satisfy each other blindly, women will become hateful of “the thing” in the end.

Women should explain their needs to each other in a straightforward manner, without feeling guilty or embarrassed, because in fact, men like women who can enjoy sex.

銆€銆€When a man finds out that his actions can bring happiness to women, it is more exciting than any aphrodisiac.

銆€銆€The fourth trick: Do not pretend to climax In order to please men, some women can be very realistic to pretend to climax, so that men can not distinguish.

But when they did this, they didn’t think of the long-term consequences: if they didn’t feel happy but fake orgasm, it would definitely let the man continue to repeat his wrong move next time, because he mistakenly thought that way to make women happy.

銆€銆€A woman once had this experience: her partner forced her genitals to make her climax, but made her hurt.

She was embarrassed to tell him that his way was too rude, so he pretended to reach a climax so that he could stop.

Unexpectedly, every time he used this rude way to marry her, making her more and more painful, and finally she couldn’t stand it, and had to tell him the truth.

This made the man suffer a lot, and the woman was very remorseful, if it was clear at the beginning.

銆€銆€Usually, a man seems to be able to enter directly without any foreplay and enjoy it.

In fact, this is their own misunderstanding.

Touching and teasing a little man is very excited, because when women do this, they are saying how they like his body.

Some women are shy and afraid to act, but there is absolutely no male who does not like women to do so, so just be bold and do it, and you will get visible results immediately.

銆€銆€Stroking and teasing is simple, as long as you slide your fingers all over his body, especially the thighs and nipples; sometimes he touches his lower part as a teasing.

In addition, women can also use hair, tongue and eyelashes to increase the effect of teasing.

銆€銆€The fifth trick: Do not be afraid of sexual fantasies A woman admits: every time she and her husband have sex, I imagine it is to make love with Leonardo.

This kind of imagination made her very excited, and her husband was happy because of her wild actions.

She felt that it didn’t matter. Anyway, she couldn’t really have an affair with Matt Damon.

Experts say that sexual fantasies are healthy because it is not only a big motivation, but what happens in fantasy is not necessarily true.

銆€銆€For example, if a heterosexual male fantasizes about lesbianism, it does not mean that he is gay men; a woman who imagines having sex with a man other than her husband does not mean that she wants an affair.

Sexual fantasies only show that this person has a rich imagination, and this does stimulate sexual love.

銆€銆€No. 6: Don’t stay the same. If you make love in the same way every night, even if you reach the climax, you will still become boring.

This is because there is no expectation.

According to the personal experience of a woman: as long as she is on the top, rubbing the male pussy with a shoulder circle, it can reach a climax.
Therefore, they take this position every time they make love, and soon they reach a climax and hurriedly end, and the result is not satisfied at all.
銆€銆€In fact, it is the old word: the more slowly the mouth is, the more delicious it is.

In other words, the slower the climax, the stronger the sensation.

When taking the posture with the highest irritation, once you reach the level of excitement, don’t wait until the climax comes, you should change to other postures.

This is done to reduce the timing of the climax, but also to explore the fun of other poses.

銆€銆€The seventh trick: understand each other’s body We know that everyone is different, the same is true in sex.

If women have had sexual experience with other men before, sometimes they will use the previous method to their current partners. This is not appropriate.

So how do you know what the other party likes?

This depends on careful observation.

銆€銆€Of course, some people will automatically use swearing or shouting to express his preferences, but many people may belong to the type of silence is gold, at this time can listen to his breathing is faster or take a breath; his pupil suddenly enlarged; chin looseCrash; the most obvious is that the penis hardens.

It doesn’t take long for this observation to work seamlessly with his preferences.

銆€銆€The 8th trick: make good use of auxiliary equipment Whether it is fun goods or pornographic video tapes are good tools to add sex, because they can provide a lot of new ideas and increase the excitement.

For some people, sex goods can even solve the problem of uncoordinated sex.

A woman who has difficulty reaching her climax must manually reach her orgasm after her partner withdraws, which makes her partner embarrassed.

銆€銆€Later, she bought a mat with a surface full of particles, a hole in the middle for the penis to penetrate, and put it into the genitals, so that each insertion of the partner would cause the mat to rub her pussy, bringing her fromHaven’t had fun.

Buying such items can be done by TV mail order or on the internet, sometimes causing embarrassment.

銆€銆€The 9th trick: spying on other people’s sexual life Although it is usually not good to snoop, but sometimes their sexual life is not perfect, then prying will also bring positive power.

Because seeing the happiness of others, you will stimulate yourself to find ways to change the situation.

銆€銆€After a girl broke up with her boyfriend, she saw that her roommate had a man to go home all night, and I couldn’t stand it. I finally decided to go out and find a new partner, and I found it successfully.

If she is not stimulated by her roommate, she may have a long time to lock herself up and blame herself.